Traditional Karate Atlanta

Traditional Karate Atlanta

Traditional Karate-do is a part of Budo, the Japanese martial art system. It is defined as a weaponless self-defense art against a single or multiple opponents using punching, striking, blocking, kicking and shifting techniques. The technical focus of training is the development of Todome-waza, the “finishing blow”. This concept is based on the notion that a competent practitioner can deliver a single blow (mental or physical) that instantly terminates an assailant’s intent to harm.

Traditional Karate Atlanta offers a number of exciting movement programs:

Youth (6-10)


The chief instructor of Traditional Karate Atlanta is Sensei Toru Shimoji, 5-time US National Champion (1982 – 1987), 2000 Nishiyama Cup International Champion, 1985 Pan American Champion, and 2002 ITKF World Championship Silver Medallist. Sensei Shimoji received his dan rankings and instructor certification from his teacher, Hidetaka Nishiyama.

Address: 1295 W. Spring Street, Suite 110, Smyrna, GA 30080

Phone: (404) 641-2840

Hours: Class Schedule

Email: [email protected]


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